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Welcome to MojoFM

Hello! This little site is a test bed for testing the latest rash developments on the web. Today we have an html5 site using a ton of CSS3 but it all degrades greacefully for less able browsers. It's sitting on top of MojoMotor, one of the best light cms systems currently available and we are testing that out with some extensions here as well this week.


I wanted to test out the abilities of MojoMotor and at the same tiem so much is also heppening with Web fonts, html and CSS that it seemd right to combine everything together.

Donation assistance makes it happen for us to maintain this popular resource without payments.

If you have several browsers to hand it may be worth firing up another to compare what this site looks like in IE or Safari/Opera/Firefox/Chrome. they will all be slightly different with IE degrading the most. What yuo see in IE is still a good experience but you will get a lot more atmospheric site with a browser that supports some of the more radical CSS3 atributes.